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Statement on illegal recruitment in the name of Jiangsu Dunbon


Recently, many job seekers and community call the company, saying that there are strange companies and individuals under the guise of the company in the community announcing fake news to the recruitment and charge money illegally.The unlawful acts of such criminals not only harm the interests of job seekers, but also to the company's social reputation has brought serious adverse effects.

We hereby solemnly declare as follows: the ways of recruitment, the process of recruitment and so on:


1.  All of our recruitment information is only posted on our official website. In addition, the Company has never entrusted any intermediary or social staff to carry out agency recruitment.

2.  Candidates can dial 0512-53376118 inquire whether our recent recruitment information release.

3.  Our organization's test location is the company's office and will not make any further arrangements.

4.  The company currently has no jobs in foreign for construction workers.

5.  We reserve the right of legal return of any unit or individual who has not been authorized by our company to employ us under the name of our company to cause adverse social effects and economic losses.


All social workers and candidates should be recruited from regular and lawful channels for the recruitment of overseas labor services. Otherwise, the economic losses and legal consequences arising therefrom will have nothing to do with our company.

Hereby affirm!  



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