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Hawassa Industrial Park


The ceremony of Hawassa  Industrial Park constructed by Jiangsu Dunbon


June 20, is the Ethiopian Cinda New Year. Ethiopia's first industrial park ---- Hawassa Industrial Park fully operational ceremony was held in the park. This time, Ethiopian Prime Minister HailemariMariam gave the CCECC an award. Lu Haiqiang, Deputy General Manager of CCECC in Ethiopia, received the award. The Prime Minister thanked CCECC for its outstanding contribution to the construction of the Hawassa Industrial Park. The workers of Jiangsu Dunbon Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. Received this honor.




This is the second time that Prime Minister Haile Mariam has awarded CCECC . Eleven months ago, at the completion ceremony of the Hawassa Industrial Park, Yuan Ligang, chairman of CCECC, took over the "Outstanding Partner Award" from the Prime Minister. In addition to the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Ethiopia, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ethiopia, the Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of Alcabe, the Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia Liu Yu, the representatives of Chinese part of the construction company, the representatives of Jiangsu Dunbon, as well as the Ethiopian government and state government representatives attended the ceremony.



The ceremony began at 8:30 . After the blessing of the future of the Zedama family on the future of the park, Al Khabi spoke first. He said Ethiopia will be committed to becoming the center of light industry in Africa. The sustainability of development, world-class professionalism, export orientation and the competitiveness of industrial parks will be the main development goals of Ethiopia. Hawassa Industrial Park constructed by Jiangsu Dunbon will be the East African region industrial park model.

Subsequently, Ethiopian Prime Minister HaileMariam made a speech. He said that in addition to the Hawassa industrial park, Ethiopia's industrial park under construction also included Kongbocha, Mekelle, Qi Lintuo, Baolai Ermi two, Dreda and Adama Industrial Park, which Mekelle and Kongbozhao Industrial Park will be opened in the near future. The Ethiopian government plans to build 14 industrial parks to promote technological transformation and increase employment opportunities and fiscal revenue.



After the ceremony, guests visited some of the plant which has been put into operation. In a domestic textile enterprises plant , Haile Mariam said, he is very grateful to Chinese enterprises to invest in Ethiopia, Ethiopia not only has the second largest population , but also the largest young population in Africa . Chinese companies in Ethiopia develop themself, at the same time, also brought a lot of employment opportunities to the local people and made important contributions to the stability and prosperity of the local community .



Hawassa ,a beautiful tourist city,is located about 275 km from the capital of Ethiopia . Hawassa Industrial Park is the first industrial park project led by the Ethiopian government. It is also the largest modern industrial park with the banner of significance. It is also a green industrial park with ecological technology such as zero discharge of sewage liquid. It has an important influence to the construction of other industrial park .




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