• Advantages of Dunbon in Jiangsu Province 2021-01-29

    The company obtained: The State Ministry of Housing and Construction Steel Structure Professional Contracting Grade One qualification, environmental protection engineering qualification, successfully passed GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 and GB/T50430-2007 quality management system standards, Gb/t28001-2011/OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standards, Gb/t24001-2004/14001:2004 Environmental Management System Standards Certification, European International Standard En 1090/EN ISO 3834-2 system certification, cWB welding system certification in Canada, and obtain the group membership of China Steel Structure Association, China Building Metal Structure Membership, Shanghai Metal Structure Industry Association membership certificate and Jiangsu Construction Industry Association membership, the Taicang construction industry outstanding enterprise and so on honorary title.

    The company has a leading edge in technology, so far, the company has successfully applied for a number of utility model patents and invention patents in State Intellectual Property Office. In the field of intelligent assembly, we are committed to exploring continuous assembly-type green integrated building solutions, "Dunbon integrated building" product system using information design, industrial production, assembly-based construction, with the full system, full prefabricated, full assembly of rapid construction technology, to provide customers with office, school, hospital, residential, apartment integrated construction products.

    The company has more than 30,000 square meters of factory floor area, a modern production workshop and advanced processing equipment, with high-level processing capacity, the company has the most advanced production equipment in the industry, including intersecting line CNC cutting machine, CNC flame and CNC plasma cutting machine, platen machine, h-beam erection machine, h-beam straightening machine, shot blasting machine, CNC strip bending machine, Lincoln Gate submerged arc welding machine, Lincoln electroslag welding machine, adjustable z-type roll forming machine, CNC Gate plane drill, large CNC saw machine, etc. , complete testing means, strong technical force, advanced management concept, adhere to the implementation of ISO9001 quality management system, occupational health certification system and environmental system, to further enhance the reliability of product quality, to provide a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises.


  • Take the striver as the foundation, take off 2021 -- a repor 2020-12-31

    Law Back to the spring gradually, Vientiane began to update. December 31,2020, Dunbun steel structure 2020 year-end Work Summary Meeting and 2021 Welcome Party in Taicang Sun Holiday Hotel grand opening. Focusing on the theme of "gratitude, responsibility, dedication and commitment" , the general manager, middle and senior managers and all staff of the company gathered together to sum up the achievements of the past year and plan the direction of the New Year.

    Welcome party starts at 18:00 sharp. The Chairman of the Board of directors delivered a New Year speech, expressing heartfelt thanks and New Year wishes to all the staff, giving full recognition to the achievements of the company in 2020, and raising new requirements and expectations for the future development of the company. Encourage all the staff in the 2021 to make persistent efforts to achieve more brilliant results, to create a golden age of Jiangsu Dunbon.

    At the conference, Zhang delivered a speech entitled "gratitude, Responsibility, dedication and responsibility, " in which he highlighted the core competitiveness of Dunbun, Jiangsu Province, and the services that its products bring to its partners and users, at the same time, the development of Dunbang in Jiangsu is closely linked with each employee, and the 2021 work of the company put forward higher requirements.

     The evening also set up an exciting lottery, at eight o'clock in the evening in a batch of grand prize announcement, with the Grand Prize announcement dinner was quickly pushed to a climax. Tonight, we bid farewell to 2020 and reap the joys of the annual meeting, which ends with a song called Enjoy Yourself Tonight.


  • Jiangsu Dunbon Steel Structure Enters "Belt and Road" 2020-10-01

    Jiangsu Dunbon Steel Structure Enters "Belt and Road" and works hand in hand for common development

    Jiangsu Dunbun Steel Structure Engineering Co. , Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) was established on March 3,2010, with registered capital of 170 million yuan and total investment of 550 million yuan. The company is located in the scenic national Economic and Technological Development Zones of Taicang port, located in the heart of one of China's most economically developed regions, the Yangtze River Delta has developed foreign trade in the hinterland. Taicang port is close to the hinterland. It is only about 60 kilometers by land from Shanghai downtown, about 80 kilometers to Suzhou downtown, and about 60 kilometers to Suzhou Industrial Park, about 90 km to Wuxi, 100 km to Nantong, 250 km to Nanjing, 60 km to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, 96 km to Shanghai Pudong International Airport and 86 km to Sunan Shuofang International Airport, all ports are connected by highways to the above-mentioned cities and airports. The waterway is connected with more than 20 ports along the Yangtze River.

    Belt and Road, short for Silk Road Economic Belt and sea route of Silk Road, in September and October 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed cooperation initiatives for the construction of the new Silk Road Economic Belt and sea route of Silk Road, respectively.

    The company conforms to the Global Economic Integration Development Opportunity, takes the market as the direction, takes the science and technology innovation, the management innovation as the foundation, implements the brand expansion strategy in an all-round way.

    In response to the great idea and grand strategy of the national "Belt and Road" , the company has been actively expanding the overseas market and implementing the transformation "going out" strategy since its establishment. In the international market, has accelerated the pace of access to the African market, through unremitting efforts, has now achieved very considerable performance. It has successively taken over the business of steel structure fabrication and installation, water and electricity, fire protection, installation and commissioning of environmental protection facilities and equipment for a number of projects, including eastern industrial park in Ethiopia, Canberra Industrial Park, Gexin camp in Poly Property, Hawassa industrial park, MEKELLE industrial park and Jimma industrial park, Debra Berhan industrial park, Mekelle Industrial Park Phase II and Ezeboli airport, the entire construction progress and construction quality has been Ethiopia owner IPDC highly praised and recognized. The special assistant to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and chairman of the board of directors of the Ethiopian Industrial Park Development Company, Alcabe Okbeh, visited our construction projects in Ethiopia many times and expressed his satisfaction with the management, progress and quality of our company and gave it a high appraisal, the reasonable working procedure and satisfactory construction schedule have made great contribution to the construction of Ethel Industrial Park.

    The UBENGO overpass project in Tanzania, which is under construction by the company, is also in full swing. . .

    Customer satisfaction is our work goal, customer trust, is our work power. The company is committed to the holy cause of steel structure and intelligent prefabricated building, dedicated to the new and old customer service, let us join hands to seek common development, happy cooperation, common development, enterprising. At the same time, welcome people and new and old customers to visit our company, guidance.

    President Eisei and special assistant to the Prime Minister and Chairman of Eisei Industrial Park Development Ltd. , Mr Alcabe Ocbay, met respectively with the Chairman of Eisei, Mr Zhang Xiaosong

    Hawassa industrial park is currently the largest textile and garment industrial park in Africa. Ethiopia's first modern light industrial textile park designed and built by a Chinese company started construction in 2015, in nine months, 2.3 square kilometers, a total construction area of 230,000 square meters, 37 standard factories and supporting facilities such as living and leisure were built, creating a new speed in Africa. Currently, there are 18 enterprises operating in the industrial park. Six of them are currently exporting products to the international market. East African countries will reach a target of $1 billion a year for the operation of the industrial park.

    The MEKELLE industrial park project in mcrae city, Tigray Oblast, in the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is another major achievement of the Chinese government's strategic policy of implementing the Belt and Road, it is also a key project in the hands of the Prime Minister of the government of Ethiopia. The master plan uses nearly 238 hectares of land for the industrial park, of which the first phase of the project is expected to cover about 75 hectares. The first phase of the building consists of 43000m2 sheds, 65500m2 sheds and 511000m2 sheds. Sheds are mainly used for the production of electronic equipment, footwear, clothing and textiles. Three sheds (211000m2 sheds and 15500m2 sheds) form a weaving mill with an overhead crane (Gantry Crane) with a capacity of 10 tons. As a professional subcontractor of the steel structure and hydropower project in the workshop, our company will complete the construction of MEKELLE project in cooperation with the general contractor, don Pong people always adhere to the corporate philosophy of "treat people kindly, do things to prosper the country" , pay close attention to quality, strictly control the construction period, and carry forward the "iron army" spirit of the people of Dunbun who are not afraid of hardship and weariness, it has won the high praise and recognition from the owner of Ethel and the general contractor of Ethel.

    Jimma industrial park, Ethiopia project planning area of 300 hectares, this project is the first phase of construction, is expected to cover an area of about 75 hectares, for the construction of general contracting (DB) project. The construction of the steel structure consists of five 3,000 m2 workshops and four 5,500 M2 workshops. Mainly in the garment manufacturing, electronic products, industrial equipment production and other industries, the completion of the project to promote the development of the local industrial sector and exports (the national government of Ethiopia's priority project)

    The 75-hectare Debre Birhan industrial park will have eight industrial plants that, once operational, will serve potential investors. Ethiopia's goal is to end the commissioning of six industrial parks, including Debre Birhan, by the end of July, said Elise Neme, chief executive of the Ethiopian Industrial Park Development Corporation (IPDC) .



    The foundation stone laying ceremony for the UBENGO flyover was held in the Economy of Tanzania capital, Dar es Salaam, in the presence of List of Presidents of Tanzania and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim. The UBENGO overpass is the Golden Crossroads of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, one of the busiest thoroughfares in the city. This project is the first large-scale overpass project in the three-dimensional transportation planning of DA city. It is also a key link in the planning of Bus Rapid Transit of DA city. The project was awarded by the Tanzania Highway Authority and funded by the World Bank under an $81 million contract over a 30-month period. After the completion of the project, it will effectively alleviate the problem of intersection congestion and relieve the traffic pressure of other intersections around the city, which is of great significance to the future urban planning of Dar es Salaam.

    Mitsubishi Power Plant Project in Japan


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